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  • If you have created a profile at /volunteer-registration.aspx and had a browse for volunteering opporunities you can contact us to arrange an appointment if you have not spotted something that you would be interested in. Please email to arrange for a convenient session to come in and have a chat. Appointment times are limited and you may have to wait a week or two, though we  will aim to arrange am appointment as soon as we can.


Drop In

Who can use this service?

This service is for people living in Liverpool who want some help and support finding out about volunteering opportunities.

If you are currently taking part in the Work Programme we are sorry but we cannot provide you with support. For more information regarding our position on the Work Programme and other workfare initiatives you can visit

If you are a visitor to Liverpool here for a short stay and want to get involved please see our short term opportunities section (individuals from outside the European Union are advised to check any visa conditions before volunteering. If in any doubt please contact the UK Border Agency).

If you are a student based in Liverpool please use Volunteering Liverpool which is a website developed specifically for students.

What happens?

If you attend an appointment at our office this section will give you an overview of what to expect.

On arrival, if you haven't already completed a registration form, either online or on paper, we will ask you to complete one.  The form asks for some basic personal details and a bit of information to help us find you the right volunteering opportunity.

Once we have got you registered you can then speak to the Volunteer Centre Co-ordinator. This will be a very informal chat about what sort of volunteering you might like to do. The co-ordinator will go through some opportunities with you and give you the contact details of any you may be interested in.

What happens after the session?

At the end of your session the co-ordinator will explain what to do next.


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