Employer supported volunteering
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Why have an Employer Supported Volunteering Programme?

“Employee volunteering is now a major part of the corporate responsibility mix, enabling companies to leverage their most valuable assets- their employees-to address some of the most significant problems facing our society today while, meeting their business objectives.”(Miles Templeman former Director General of Institute of Directors- Volunteering is the Business report)



What are the benefits?

  • Consumers/commissioning buyers prefer to buy from organisations that demonstrate their corporate responsibility.
  • Better use of training budget.
  • Develops employee skills, effective change management, interdepartmental cohesion.
  • More attractive to potential employees/ increase employee retention.
  • Increase morale, positive impacts on sick leave.
  • Brand management, involvement in local issues.

How to get Started

Please contact us for information on volunteering opportunities for groups of employees.

We will from time to time post opportunities on this page so keep checking back!

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