Transition into Volunteering Liverpool (TIVL) Project
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Published on: Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:00 AM

What is the TIVL project?

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In Liverpool, a gap exists in the support available to those making the transition from hospital or community mental health services into volunteering.

The TVIL project has been designed to support people living with and managing mental ill health into volunteering.

The project aims to do this in two ways: 

  • By providing organisations that involve volunteers in their work with good quality training and guidance on how to support volunteers experiencing mental ill health (two training sessions covering inclusion/diversity in volunteering, social prescribing, managing volunteers with mental health needs). 
  • By supporting people experiencing mental ill health into volunteering through a ‘stepping stone’ programme – attendance at two specialist training sessions and follow up support from the Volunteer Centre to access appropriate volunteering opportunities and become more active in their communities. 

Moving forward 

People experiencing mental ill health often find themselves facing multiple barriers to accessing mainstream activities and being able to move forward with their lives. Participation in the TIVL project, with input from supporting organisations, can go some of the way in helping people to overcome these barriers by:  

  • Offering a safe and comfortable learning environment  
  • Providing Preparing to Volunteer training – exploring anxieties and expectations about volunteering with a focus on the benefits of volunteering for both the individual and community (Session 1)
  • Supporting learners to identify their transferable skills and how their life experiences can be used to support others (Session 1)
  • Participating in communication skills and confidence building activities (Session 2) 
  • A person centred approach – using our expertise to support and place learners into suitable volunteering roles once they have completed the two training sessions

The benefits of volunteering to the individual 

When volunteers receive appropriate training and ongoing support in their newly chosen roles they flourish. There are many benefits to be gained from volunteering – increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved physical health and mental wellbeing, a sense of purpose and self-satisfaction, reduced social isolation – and these are just a few! 

The contribution to the community by volunteers is of equal importance – their input helps to strengthen communities by promoting diversity and supporting local charities and community groups to provide much needed services.

If you are someone who is living with and managing mental ill health and would like some support to volunteer then joining the TIVL project is a great place to start.

If you would like an informal chat about the project call us on 0151 237 3982 or for further information email

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