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On Monday 1st October  We are moving to a new website with a new name 

There is a vibrant volunteering sector in Liverpool and we want to help  non-profit organisations in Liverpool take volunteering forward and create better and more volunteering opportunities
We are changing the way we work and will have a new page on LCVS website under 'help for organisations'. and will be called  LCVS Volunteering Hub 

  We will be offering a range of information,resources and services specifically for non profit organisations.

This website will close and you will need to register your volunteering opportunities on the the Do-it website at





Once you have set up your profile and are logged in you can add new opportunities using the 'New Opp' link on the orange menu bar above (which is hidden until you are logged in)

If any potential volunteers like the look of your opportunity they will then be able to click a button and their contact information will be e-mailed to you directly. You’d then get back to them with information on the next step of the registration process (application form / informal discussion / interview etc.)

  • Please note that if you do not submit at least one opportunity nobody will be able to see your profile 
  • This is a service for the benefit of local charities and community groups. We are currently not able to accept registrations from private companies / businesses.