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This is what some organisations have said about our services.

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"I contacted the Volunteer Centre because not only was I finding it difficult to recruit volunteers for our organisation but I was also worried that I was not offering the volunteers the support  and training they needed.

Although I had worked with volunteers in the past it was on a very informal basis, I knew to attract the right type of volunteer I had to make things more formal but just didn’t know where to start.

I asked for help from the Volunteer Centre who introduced me to Eluned. Over the past few months I have been working with Eluned on several things from updating policies and procedures to how to formalise volunteer inductions. I know as an organisation we still have a long way to go but with support from Eluned we feel we are achieving our aims.

I now feel confident about working with volunteers and offering them the training and support they deserve.

I no longer feel isolated and really appreciate all the help and support Eluned and the staff from Volunteer Centre Liverpool have given me."

Sue Robinson

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"Norris Green Alliance first approached Volunteer Centre Liverpool when we were planning to expand and build on our existing group of volunteers. As a small community charity we rely heavily on the support of volunteers to deliver our events and activities for the people of Norris Green. Most of our volunteers offered their time on an informal basis and we wanted to establish a more organised and professional team of volunteers. We also had some big events coming up which we urgently needed to recruit volunteers for.

We met with Stephanie Gregory and explained our needs. Stephanie took us through the whole process of identifying what our needs were, and explained very clearly how the Volunteer Centre could support us. Stephanie helped us to draw up some role descriptions for 7 different roles. She also gave us advice on a volunteer policy and induction. Within a couple of days of our meeting, the role descriptions were drawn up, agreed and our adverts went live on the Volunteer Centre website. We received responses to our adverts very quickly, and within a couple of weeks had recruited all the volunteers we needed.

They made the whole process so simple and were so supportive. The service is a very efficient way of making contact with prospective volunteers, and the support of the Centre meant that we didn’t have to do the very time consuming work of putting together adverts and role descriptions ourselves. We were also really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which Stephanie and her colleagues responded to our request for help.  As a very small team ourselves we simply would not have had the resources to organise such a recruitment drive ourselves. They are a very professional team with a clear understanding of the support needed by organisations like ourselves. We would highly recommend the Volunteer Centre Liverpool to any other organisations seeking volunteers."

Karen Gorry

Senior Administrator

Norris Green Community Alliance


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