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Peer Mentor volunteers said...

I first found out about the Peer Mentoring role through attending the drop in session at Volunteer Centre Liverpool. I had undertaken some volunteering at VCL previously (but had taken a break for a while) so I was already familiar with offering advice & guidance support to volunteers.

The Peer Mentor role appealed to me as I had enjoyed doing the one to one, face to face role with individuals as an advice & guidance volunteer.

I have been a Peer Mentor for over 12 months now and I am enjoying the challenges and good results, both from organisations and mentees. I am feeling more confident and comfortable with each new mentee.

I have attended training events whilst doing the mentoring role and this has helped towards my knowledge in managing any issues regarding helping mentees in to their volunteering roles.

I am happy to continue volunteering at VCL until my personal circumstances change. However, when the time is right, I’m sure the skills and experience I have gained as a mentor will help me into paid work.   



As a Peer Mentor for Volunteer Centre Liverpool I spend much of my time meeting one to one with the mentees, providing a service that supports individuals looking to engage with, and participate in the huge range of opportunities available within the voluntary sector. My aim is to encourage and enable individuals to make informed decisions and choices, helping them realise their aspirations, whether that is entering the labour market or simply contributing back into the society in which they live.

I am acutely aware of the value the program brings to the social, professional and personal development of both the mentees and the mentors. Individuals involved are provided a safe and confidential environment in which they work with mentors to address any underlying issues and find a suitable volunteering role. This personalised approach empowers people to become contributing members of society; whilst also combating the wider perception of volunteering as unconnected to daily life.

Volunteering gave me the opportunity to consolidate and enhance the skills I have, while at the same time acquiring experience and benefitting immensely from the professional guidance and feedback provided by the permanent staff at VCL. I have never felt out of my depth, or felt I did not have the help I needed to fulfil my role.

I acquired paid employment as a care professional which can be directly attributed to the experience that I garnered during my time as a Peer Mentor. I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity of being a mentor at VCL.



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Advice & Guidance Volunteers said...

I had never volunteered before and it was with some trepidation that I did so. I needn’t have worried.

I volunteered in an Advice & Guidance role at VCL for 3 years and this length of time alone is some indication of how much I treasured my time there.

The staff helped me to learn the role without any sense of pressure and, as a result, I quickly fitted in and felt an integral part of VCL.

As time passed, my role gradually expanded but only if I wanted; I was never pressurised and my needs were always paramount.

To sum up, it’s been a privilege and an honour to have volunteered at VCL.



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I had, in the past, tried volunteering, but due to a lot of errors, had been left high and dry (and out of pocket)! Then by chance, an acquaintance mentioned Volunteer Centre Liverpool and after a phone call I was invited to an information session with other people interested in volunteering.

At this session everything was clearly explained, the role of the Volunteer Centre, guidance around getting involved in volunteering and we discussed the types of volunteering we would like to do.

I was helped along the route by one of their excellent mentors who was helpful with any problems I encountered (and there were a few), and they kept in touch to see how things were going when I began volunteering too.

All in all, I would recommend Volunteer Centre Liverpool as a starting point to anyone interested in voluntary work.

Keep up the good work, we'd be lost without you!



First of all I approached the Volunteer Centre Liverpool for assistance in finding voluntary work and they did this for me perfectly.

They provided me with information to help me find voluntary work by first of all supporting me through the mentor project. I found the mentors I was provided with very helpful in giving me information and helping me in my application process in finding voluntary work. They did not come with me to any interviews as I felt this wasn't necessary in my case.

My mentors really gave me the confidence to try to find voluntary work by just encouraging me really and giving me their time and belief as my confidence was really very low at the beginning of my attempts to find voluntary work. I also did a lot of work in chasing up interviews and making enquiries to voluntary organizations.

One of the first roles I applied for was through the do-it website and I received a very negative reply for my efforts. So because of this, when I came to Volunteer Centre Liverpool my confidence was rock bottom. The difference in me now to then is, in my opinion, remarkable and the mentoring project really did help me in this respect.


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